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Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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Our Name Says it ALL...

Internet Consulting and Coaching is a professional Internet Services Company founded on a legacy of detailed research, tactical and strategic thinking, combined with behavioral insight, perceptive creativity and street-smart technical understanding.

Our 11 years of Internet marketing experience re building successful website promotion programs meet the challenges of today's Internet visitor and current economic requirements. We take pride in knowing that we deliver quantifiable results while making sure our clients understand the details surrounding regarding the: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Internet Marketing.

You will also find that we provide you with direct contact to some sources of Internet marketing services rather than mark them up. We believe there are parts of an Internet marketing program that require a significant amount of experience... we will provide these services. However, there are other Internet marketing activities that can be well-defined and explained to your internal team members so they can complete these functions. Contact us for more details...

Brief Background...
We have over 30 years of experience working with business owners, senior executives, marketing staff members, MIS/IT people and webmasters. We offer a unique way of converting highly technical subjects into completely understandable messages for non-technical decision makers looking to improve their Internet marketing activities.

We help our clients to quickly understand our successful closed-loop marketing process that will increase website traffic, create call-to-action steps, ensure the highest online conversion rates, and allow for easy measurement of all website activity. Of course, ROI is at the core of all his Internet Marketing strategies.

Our Mission...
Our mission is simply to provide our clients with quantifiable Internet Marketing services enabling them to position their company, products and services in the forefront of the Internet while positioning them in a leadership role in their markets.

Our Approach...
Our approach can be summarized by looking closely at our processes. We invest a lot of time keeping up to date on what the most effective Internet Marketing companies are doing to create successful revenue producing programs.

We believe in doing a lot of "homework" when it comes to uncovering the key components found in our client's Internet Marketing activities. The traditional Discover Phase is taken very seriously. We do a lot of investigative analysis and reporting before we ever make recommendations.

Once we have collected the appropriate amount of background information on the client's market, competitors, and website condition, budget, goals, etc., we create a joint action plan that itemizes the client's involvement as well as our own in the project plan activities.

We measure and evaluate each step of our initial and ongoing work. Assessing the results and making modifications to our techniques and processes is a specific part of our approach. Each of the deliverables are identified and verified during and at the end of a project.

Collective Experience...
We encourage our clients to become involved in the processes we use to define, design, and implement their Internet Marketing campaigns. We know our business well. Combining the client's knowledge of their business, marketplace, competition is valuable in creating the best-of-breed Internet Marketing solution.

When we follow our tried and tested process... it produces optimum results. The time we invest in the beginning of the project helps reduce many revisions and do-overs. We pay very close attention to all the details during the Internet marketing project. We finish projects viewing our client's smiles and enjoy their recommendations to others.

We are known to ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers. Some of these questions will be challenged to see if they are based on facts or experiential opinion. They both count! When you hire us, you will find that we become an extension of your Internet marketing team. We enjoy the flexibility to be straightforward with our questions, challenges, recommendations, etc. It makes our services more valuable.

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Internet Marketing Services...

Our Internet marketing services team based on Long Island, NY delivers quantifiable results backed by our proven processes, tactics and strategies. We share our Internet marketing services methodology and guidelines to assist our clients in reaching their Internet marketing goals. Our custom Internet marketing services solutions follow these steps:
  • Understand YOUR Goals
  • Research Competitive Position
  • Define Keywords Used by Prospects
  • Clearly Define Product & Service Info
  • Create Call-to-Action Statements
  • Measure and Report on ALL Activity
We not only tell you WHAT we are doing... but also HOW we do it!
Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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