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Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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Customized Programs that
Exceed Our Client's Internet
Consulting Expectations...

Internet Consulting Services is a very broad offering statement. These services can range from providing specific deliverables that will be implemented into the website to providing a second-opinion or coaching the Internet Marketing team.

Our Internet consulting services are noted within the top navigation boxes shown above. While working in the Internet Consulting Services and Marketing field for over 11 years, we have developed techniques and strategies that have improved our clients bottom-line.

Internet consulting services range from providing Search Engine Optimization of website pages, Call-to-Action or Website Conversion Enhancement, Social Networking Projects, Link Building Services, Website Design Services, Website Analytics Training to Local Internet Advertising.

Without sounding too boastful... we are experienced at delivering Internet consulting services that build successful Internet marketing programs. Let us show you and your Internet marketing team what our Internet consulting can do. Contact us for more details...

Selecting the RIGHT Firm...
We encourage you to have a lengthy conversation with prospective Internet consulting services firms before making your final selection. Many companies can assist in providing the basic SEO components; however, few have the level of experience to properly analyze the competitive marketplace and the websites directly competing with yours on the Internet. Remember... the Internet competitors may be totally different from the actual organizations that compete with you on a local or industry basis. It is very important to differentiate the competitors.

Our Internet consulting services process starts with a thorough review of our client's website provides us with a baseline set of keyword phrases. However, identifying the direct competitors and reviewing their use of keyword phrases also provides an extended list to be researched. Our Internet consulting services process determines the number of times each month potential visitors search on keywords before we include them within the client's website pages.

Credibility and Trust...
When selecting an Internet Consulting Services SEO/SEM firm, keep in mind that you are usually establishing what should be a long-term business relationship, and these are always built on trust. You will be placing your online business success in the hands of this company. This is a serious business decision and requires senior management involvement in the selection process for the Internet consulting services to be fruitful.

Understanding Scope-of-Work...
Make sure the prospective Internet consulting services firm understands how search engines, pay-per-click and other forms of Internet marketing works and how to obtain high rankings. Remember, getting and keeping a website in the top results is a combination of science, art and experience. The search engines frequently modify their algorithms to improve the quality of the search results. Be sure to ask the Internet consulting services company many questions about how Natural SEO and Paid Advertising work together because they are not mutually exclusive. Remember... the Scope-of-Work document should clearly identify the Internet consulting components. This means the Internet consulting firm hired must define the deliverables, time associated with each activity and the fees to be charged for the activity.

A Final Note...
Making the Internet consulting services company selection decision should be the hardest part of the entire relationship. Keep in mind that Internet consulting and marketing is a combination of technology, art and experience. Make sure you are comfortable with each area before making your decision to hire a firm to assist with your projects. Using a due diligence approach, that includes the above components, on each company under consideration is highly recommended. Assuming that you have more than one Internet consulting services company who meets the above criteria, in the end, your decision will most likely be based people you trust and like. We all want to feel that sense of a personal interest being taken on our behalf. Good luck and choose wisely!
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Internet Consulting Services Programs...

Our Internet consulting team based on Long Island, NY delivers quantifiable results backed by our proven processes, tactics and strategies. We share our Internet consulting methodology and guidelines to assist our clients in reaching their Internet consulting goals. Our custom Internet consulting solutions follow these steps:
  • Understand YOUR Goals
  • Research Competitive Position
  • Define Keywords Used by Prospects
  • Clearly Define Product & Service Info
  • Create Call-to-Action Statements
  • Measure and Report on ALL Activity
We not only tell you WHAT we are doing... but also HOW we do it!
Our Custom Internet Marketing Services programs include Search Engine Marketing, SEM, and Website Design Services that are measured with detailed Website Analysis and Website Analytics programs and processes. The Website Conversion Services offered also include measurement of the PPC Advertising and Pay Per Click Management programs. Finally, our Website Analysis Productivity Service even reports details of the Social Networking Services components.

Internet Consulting Services Guidelines:

Internet Consulting and Coaching, Inc. is an Internet consulting services company based on Long Island, NY specializing in improving client website and business performance through custom Internet consulting services related programs. Customized solutions use unique Internet consulting services techniques focusing on specialized Internet consulting services guidelines that are proven to be effective. All custom Internet consulting services programs are designed by well-informed professionals trained in delivering results in the Internet consulting services area. Internet Consulting and Coaching, Inc. provides state-of-the-art Internet consulting services programs tested and accepted by the industry. Each Internet consulting services program involving custom Internet consulting services programs, Internet consulting services, Internet consulting training, Internet consulting coaching and Internet consulting services processes is created under confidential terms with our Internet consulting services clients.

Specific Internet consulting services related information collected during client participation in any Internet consulting services program determines the scope-of-work, expectations and measurement components contained within the final Internet consulting services. Our Internet consulting services staff conforms to proven custom Internet consulting services project steps ensuring positive results while delivering our Internet consulting services. Implementation of Internet consulting services programs is coordinated with clients through our project management team. Client participants in any Internet consulting services program are expected to comply with the direction being offered by the Internet Consulting and Coaching, Inc. Internet consulting services facilitation team. Client references re: custom Internet consulting services programs, Internet consulting services, Internet consulting training, Internet consulting coaching and Internet consulting services processes are confidential.

Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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