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Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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Defining the Steps and Processes
BEFORE Starting Any SEO
Consultant Services Project...

SEO Consultant Services start with understanding the components that search engine algorithms are reviewing in order to determine a webpage's relevance and subsequently determine it's ranking within the Search Engine Result Pages [SERPS]. We help you define each step and the processes that will deliver the results you are seeking.

Implementing Search Engine Optimization techniques is the single most important activity you must take in order to obtain high ranking of pages within your website. Our SEO consultant programs are delivered in two ways i.e. we do the work and we teach your team what and how we do it. We take the time to fully discuss your challenges and what you are trying to accomplish with your revised website. Our services are all designed specifically to meet our client's needs.

As a SEO consultant services organization, we pride ourselves with delivering straightforward Internet consulting tactics and strategies that work! Contact us for more details...

Keyword Identification & Selection...
Our SEO consultant services starts with keyword phrase identification and selection is the single most important step in a search engine optimization project. Determining what keyword phrases potential clients use to locate the information, products or services that our clients are providing is a tedious and extremely important phase.

Usually a thorough review of our client's website provides us with a baseline set of keyword phrases. However, identifying the direct competitors and reviewing their use of keyword phrases also provides an extended list to be researched. We determine the number of times each month potential visitors search on keywords before we include them within the client's website pages which is a key ingredient in our practice.

Keyword Density & Placement...
The next important SEO consultant services activity is related to keyword density [KWD] within a web page is a highly challenged by many SEO consultants. Search engines do not provide insight into the components used within their algorithm to determine a web page's relevancy to the keyword phrase being searched by the potential visitor. KWD is often misunderstood and thus renders many SEO projects ineffective and not delivering the expected results clients are seeking. We explain it through our SEO consulting methods.

What IS KNOWN is that all search engines count the number of times a keyword phrase is found within the web page's text content, meta data, page title, URL name, Image ALT tags, etc. The number of instances of the keyword phrase and the placement of the words is the "special sauce" used within successful SEO consultant services.

Meta Data Definition...
In addition to the above, our SEO consultant reviews each web page carefully as it must contain specific keyword phrases within the meta data that are relevant to the on-page text content. The positioning of these keyword phrases and the number of instances is critical to the KWD portion of the search engine algorithm. The challenge is found in reviewing the competition and meeting or beating them with KWD that is higher, but also does not violate any search engine guidelines [that are not written].

This often requires a special web copywriting skill set. Our copywriters use the latest techniques to identify the best-of-breed approach to increasing KWD while retaining full awareness of the visitor's need to understand the text that is on-page.

Navigation & Linking...
Our SEO consultant services approach creates top navigation or category navigation that contains the keyword phrases for which the client wants to be found. This adds to the web pages KWD percentage as well as helps visitors locate the information, product or service being sought. Linking between pages within the website using "anchor text links" is imperative. Linking from off-site websites, directories, etc. are also important as long as they are "relevant" to the web page's content.
Takes the Mystery Out of How to
Drive More Website Traffic While
Converting Visitors to Clients
"You provided our team with the fastest SEO education we've ever received using every-day words!"
Jared H. - CEO - President
Driving Website Traffic is
ONLY Part of the Challenge...
Conversion to Clients is #1.
"Making the Not-So-Obvious very obvious and Telling visitors what step to take next is so valuable!"
Ethan B. - VP and CMO
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SEO Consultant Services Programs...

Our SEO consultant team based on Long Island, NY delivers quantifiable results backed by our proven processes, tactics and strategies. We share our methodology and guidelines to assist our clients in reaching their SEO consulting goals. Our custom SEO consultant solutions follow these steps:
  • Understand YOUR Goals
  • Research Competitive Position
  • Define Keywords Used by Prospects
  • Clearly Define Product & Service Info
  • Create Call-to-Action Statements
  • Measure & Report on ALL Activity
We not only tell you WHAT we are doing... but also HOW we do it!
Our Custom Internet Marketing Services programs include Search Engine Marketing, SEM, and Website Design Services that are measured with detailed Website Analysis and Website Analytics programs and processes. The Website Conversion Services offered also include measurement of the PPC Advertising and Pay Per Click Management programs. Finally, our Website Analysis Productivity Service even reports details of the Social Networking Services components.

SEO Consultant Services Programs...

Internet Consulting and Coaching, Inc. is based on Long Island, NY specializing in improving client website and business performance through custom SEO consultant related programs. Solutions use unique techniques focusing on specialized guidelines that are proven to be effective. All programs are designed by well-informed professionals trained in delivering results. We provide state-of-the-art services tested and accepted by the industry. Each individual program and SEO consultant process is created under confidential terms with our clients.
Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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