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Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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Web 2.0 Social Networking Techniques that Produce Visibility, Links and Leads...

The following information should serve as a discussion guide for a full Web 2.0 Social Networking Services Campaign. In order to determine which process is appropriate, an analysis of the client's industry, customer base, goals and priorities is required. Social networking pricing is based upon the scope of work following a determination of which of the components will be a part of the link building campaign.

Web 2.0 social networking services projects are time-consuming; however, they are very rewarding adjuncts to a successful Natural SEO campaign. Our approach to social networking campaigns involves two approaches i.e. we setup, configure and establish guidelines for your specific social networking programs followed by training your team members in the steps to follow to implement an effective social networking campaign.

Our Internet consulting team can provide you with insight into implementing Social News, Bookmarking, Networking, Knowledge, Multimedia and Micro-Communities for your website. Contact us for more details...

Three Web 2.0 Social Networking Optimization Components...
A brief summary of three Primary Web 2.0 or Social Networking Optimization components in roughly the sequence of stages in which a comprehensive campaign would be conducted is explained below. Due to the complexity of a Web 2.0 social networking campaign, a project plan (much like a new website plan), must be constructed. All of the following areas will be their own sections of the project plan with the descriptions of the required tasks.

On-Site Social Networking Friendliness Audit...
We work with your team to develop your social capital and more importantly increase their ability to access social resources. The first step in this process involves doing an on-site social networking friendliness audit. It is designed to identify the social networking activities the client has previously done that is recorded in the Internet databases.
  • General recommendations including social networking sharing icons (i.e. adding "Digg This" to a website article)
  • Enabling commenting on article pages
  • Ensuring social networking bookmarking technical requirements are met
  • Tagging recommendations - Creating internal links pointing back to a results page showing all relevant articles (internal and/or external) in response to that keyword. The results page MUST be built before a social networking tagging campaign can be done. This will require a substantial amount of time between the client and the AM.
  • Recommendations on existing social networking blogs (if applicable)

Web 2.0 Social Networking Marketing Analysis...
In close collaboration with the client's topical expert, Internet Consulting & Coaching, Inc. will identify appropriate social networking sources where the client's best content can be weaved into the "Dialogue" of the various Web 2.0 sites and social networking communities while also abiding by the rules and norms set forth by said communities. Additionally we will monitor the general activity that occurs in these social networking communities and make ongoing recommendations accordingly.

Social Networking Site Categories...
We will assist your Internet Marketing team with the creation of a specific Social Networking Campaign that meets your needs. Some Social Networking Site Categories are as follows:
  • Social News (,, etc.)
  • Social Bookmarking (,, etc.)
  • Social Networking (,, Twitter, etc.)
  • Social Knowledge (, Yahoo! Answers, etc.)
  • Multimedia (YouTube, Flickr, etc.)
  • Micro-Communities (Industry-related social networking sites)
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Social Networking Programs...

Our social networking team based on Long Island, NY delivers quantifiable results backed by our proven processes, tactics and strategies. We share our social networking methodology and guidelines to assist our clients in reaching their social networking goals. Our custom social networking solutions follow these steps:
  • Understand YOUR Goals
  • Research Competitive Position
  • Define Keywords Used by Prospects
  • Clearly Define Product & Service Info
  • Create Call-to-Action Statements
  • Measure and Report on ALL Activity
We not only tell you WHAT we are doing... but also HOW we do it!
Our Custom Search Engine Marketing Services, SEM includes Search Engine Optimization and SEO are all quantified through our Website Conversion Enhancement programs using Website Analytics. The Website Analysis is completed to ensure that we quantify Website Analysis Productivity carefully.

Social Networking Program Guidelines:

Internet Consulting and Coaching, Inc. is a social networking company based on Long Island, NY specializing in improving client website and business performance through custom social networking related programs. Customized solutions use unique social networking techniques focusing on specialized social networking guidelines that are proven to be effective. All custom social networking programs are designed by well-informed professionals trained in delivering results in the social networking area. The social networking and Coaching, Inc. provides state-of-the-art social networking programs tested and accepted by the industry. Each social networking program involving custom social networking programs, social networking services, social networking training, social networking coaching and social networking processes is created under confidential terms with our social networking clients.

Specific social networking related information collected during client participation in any social networking program determines the scope-of-work, expectations and measurement components contained within the final social networking services. Our social networking staff conforms to proven custom social networking project steps ensuring positive results while delivering our social networking services. Implementation of social networking programs is coordinated with clients through our project management team. Client participants in any social networking program are expected to comply with the direction being offered by the Internet Consulting and Coaching, Inc. social networking services facilitation team. Client references re: custom social networking programs, social networking services, social networking training, social networking coaching and social networking processes are confidential.

Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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