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Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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Establishing Website Analysis
Criteria Plus Using Website Analytics
to Quantify Productivity...

Meaningful website analysis and website analytics are both based upon sound goals and accurate measurement against them. Selecting specific criteria in which the company will determine the value of the Internet marketing programs is essential to the overall success of the Internet marketing endeavor. Adding website analysis and website analytics programs to your site will provide the insight necessary to achieve significantly improved SEO presence.

SEO and SEM programs and processes are determined initially by setting website analysis measurements that will be used to determine whether or not the website is performing at the levels of expectation. We assist our clients with implementation of the best-of-breed website analysis guidelines.

Just driving traffic is not enough... we must get visitors to contact us or make a purchase in order to deem the Internet marketing program a success. Our website analysis techniques and website analytics team will help you implement and manage website analysis programs. Contact us for more details...

Setting Website Analysis and Analytics Goals...
Website analysis and website analytics starts with setting goals even though they can be a daunting task for many Internet Marketing and Senior Executives. They often state that setting goals is actually going into "uncharted waters" since their frame of reference is often limited. Therefore, we step in and provide website analysis guidelines and a website analytics process whereby our clients can establish reasonable goals for Phase I of their new Internet Marketing program.

The reason we say Phase I is due to the fact that we know the website's goals will change over time. Therefore, it is only important to first establish the short-term website analysis goals in order to start the process of moving to the next level of website analytics and productivity... Phase II.

Implementing Website Analytics...
Website analytics is the tool used to "keep score" on your website's activity. More importantly it collects data and provides the Internet marketing team members with insight into what drives traffic to the website and what these visitors do while on the website.

Website analysis combined with website analytics programs are rather simple in their approach to data collection; however, configuration of the reporting, segmentation, chart production, etc. Rest assured knowing that there are far too many choices provided to website analytics users making the need for working with a knowledgeable person very important to your website analysis and productivity.

Reviewing Analytical Data...
Setting up the website analytics reports to deliver "information" rather than "data" is a critical step. Determining the ways you want to view the results and establishing the "trigger points" that will be collected during the visitor's time on the website is very important. We help you integrate your goals into the reports to determine the proper website analysis, productivity, ROI and overall value to the company.

Resetting Website Analysis Goals...
Again website analysis and productivity requires goal setting is an ongoing process. During Phase I of the Internet marketing program, we will assist you in setting obvious goals that will provide you and your team with a better understanding of the visitor's activity. Next we will use the information to look more deeply into trends and determine changes that will improve both the website analytics and website analysis process.

Establishing the Website's Monetization Value
Many times the website owner or Internet marketing team uses subjective and often arbitrary methods to place value on specific website activities. We believe you should quantify the value of a lead or conversion in a more analytical manner i.e. establishing the value of a lead followed by the value of a new customer. This is often done using the simple equation of establishing the # of Visitors: First Order Value. The standard analytics review focuses on visitor source i.e. Natural Search, Paid Search, Referral Site, Email Marketing, Banner Ads, etc. Quantifying the value in Dollars vs. Source is a very important website analysis measurement.
Driving Website Traffic is
ONLY Part of the Challenge...
Conversion to Clients is #1.
"Making the Not-So-Obvious very obvious and Telling visitors what step to take next is so valuable!"
Ethan B. - VP and CMO
This is a "Must Read" Document for those who are Responsible for the Company Marketing Budget!
"We have been Amazed by the Amount of Valuable Marketing Insight that has been Provided."
Jeffrey A. - Webmaster
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Website Analysis and Website Analytics Programs...

Our website analytics and productivity measurement team based on Long Island, NY delivers quantifiable results backed by our proven processes, tactics and strategies. We share both our website analysis and website analytics methodology and guidelines to assist our clients in reaching their website analytics goals. Our custom website analysis solutions follow these steps:
  • Understand YOUR Goals
  • Research Competitive Position
  • Define Keywords Used by Prospects
  • Clearly Define Product & Service Info
  • Create Call-to-Action Statements
  • Measure and Report on ALL Activity
We not only tell you WHAT we are doing... but also HOW we do it!

Website Analysis and Website Analytics Guidelines:

Internet Consulting and Coaching, Inc. is a website analytics and website analysis company based on Long Island, NY specializing in improving client website and business performance through custom website analytics related programs. Customized solutions use unique Website analysis techniques focusing on specialized website analytics guidelines that are proven to be effective. All custom website analysis programs are designed by well-informed professionals trained in delivering results in the website analytics area. Internet Consulting and Coaching, Inc. provides state-of-the-art website analysis programs tested and accepted by the industry. Each website analytics program involving custom website analysis programs, website analytics services, website analysis training, website analytics coaching and website analysis processes is created under confidential terms with our website analytics clients.

Specific website analysis related information collected during client participation in any website analytics program determines the scope-of-work, expectations and measurement components contained within the final website analysis services. Our website analytics and website analysis staff conforms to proven custom website analytics project steps ensuring positive results while delivering our website analysis services. Implementation of website analytics programs is coordinated with clients through our project management team. Client participants in any website analysis program are expected to comply with the direction being offered by the Internet Consulting and Coaching, Inc. website analytics services facilitation team. Client references re: custom website analysis programs, website analytics services, website analytics training, website analysis coaching and website analytics processes are confidential.

Personally Servicing: Long Island, Suffolk, Queens, Nassau, New York City, Westchester, Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Greater New York, New Jersey & Connecticut Areas from Long Island, NY
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